A Quick Take on the Sony MDR-7506: The Good and The Bad

7506-5302caee3284f7ff812b9f4a3fed37fbIndustry standard Sony mdr-7506 are THE headphones to be had if quality, comfort, simplicity, and enjoyable music and audio/video is what you require your gadgets and accessories to do.  From their very first release in the early 90s until today, hardly does a headphone exist that clicks with all music genres and are comfortable to wear for extended hours without much ear fatigue.

Initially released for audio professionals, the MDR-7506 has become a hit with the general masses as well. It was also listed as an “industry favourite” in the past decade. The Sony MDR-7506 have a reputation for loud yet concise and clear audio, and blocking out or cancelling outside noises to a great extent. These headphones with their around-the-ear design are ideal for use with MIDI workstations, camcorders or other equipments with less than powerful headphone amplification. The headphones are foldable, with ear pieces that can be flipped, is easy to transport and carry, and come with a coiled cable that stretches and springs back into place as and when required.


Some of the features listed under the Sony MDR-7506 descriptions include

  • Neodymium magnets for maximum energy and minimum size.
  • 40mm drive units which deliver deeper bass, lower distortion and a wide dynamic range.
  • Circumaural closed back stereo headphone ideal for use in professional applications.
  • A compact foldable design.
  • Better mobility with a coiled cable.
  • OFC cable and gold plated Unimatch plug provides both 1/8” mini jack and 1/4” TRS phono connectivity

The Sony MDR-7506 is a great choice for headphones in and under the $80 bracket. They have a very honest, clear and isolated sound with extendable, deeply resonating bass sounds, and are nearly colorless in transparency. Though these are of a very “solid” build and built enough to take a beating, these feel extremely light and are a choice to be made in digital media studios or for recording live with several performers. Considered reliable, user-friendly, and made for the long run, these headphones could actually give a good competition to the more expensive headphones that are relatively new to the market and over hyped.

The MDR-7506 is a great choice to make when travelling and recording on the road. It manages to cancel out the ramblings or curses of the background and provides clear audio instead. However, these have a moderate midrange of peak unlike its expensive counterparts, yet produce deep, resonating, clear sounds sans any booming.

mdr7506-pictureThe Sony MDR-7506 was designed to be repaired and takes abuse well on and off the road. It also includes a profusely listed parts list in the box acting on behalf of a “service manual”. These are also a great hit with DJ s, while they mix and create sounds and the flip earpieces provide great flexibility while performing or on-the-go. The MDR 7506 works great with and is equally sensitive to DSLRs, iPads and iPods and other digital & video recorders. These leak very little sound to the outside and are ideal for field use too.


With sales of over tens of thousands and a thumbs-up from the music industry’s best, the Sony MDR-7506 are still a reliable system to create and listen to some great, clear and thumping music without much distortion and disturbances.


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